Our mission is to claim Motherhood; to Raise and Protect our Children in Safety and Peace, and without intentional or negligent interference by any third parties.

Such Motherhood conditions have never existed before in the history of humanity. Mothers in all cultures and walks of life, throughout history until the current day, are treated as second-rate citizens, subject to abuse and control; our children considered possessions.

Often that reality only becomes apparent once Mothers get embroiled in conflict, and in many cases Mothers are not prepared for what unfolds.

Intentionally interfering with the Sacred Mother-Child bond is the most egregious violation of Mother Nature.  Depriving Mothers and Children from having this bond, is the most heinous desecration of the Sacred Gift of Life.

We support Mothers facing high conflict divorce, domestic and international child custody disputes, Hague Convention cases, and Civil Rights violations. We aim to eradicate any type of abuse of Mothers and Children, no matter who inflicts it, and we provide any type of support services to Mothers and Children to accomplish this goal.

We empower and promote Mothers and Children’s Rights worldwide and support you in any way we can through Pro Se legal counseling, media strategy, psychological counseling, support groups, retreats, training, and networking.

We help you stand your ground in any legal arena and we use every legal avenue to punish the perpetrators, and deter others from following in their footsteps.

We also collaborate closely with those who work for lasting Reform of Constitutional Rights and Judicial Policy to protect Mothers and Children worldwide, and to overthrow the outdated, oppressive and destructive Reign of Patriarchy.

The time has come to give birth to Motherhood.

We are Mothers ReVolution.