Our library of legal stuff useful for Mothers of the ReVolution


Options when your Kids are Stolen: Torts, Hague and Constitution

Who is on your To Sue list? More Tort Recipes

The Domestic Violence Tort: special on the menu for California moms

You need Evidence to break through Immunity: Got your Ingredients?

You can Sue a Public Official in their Individual Capacity: Immunity? We’ll eat that raw

Wanna sue County, Court and State? You must file a claim before you Sue (SOL alert! Check your State): How are your Civil Rights feeling today?

Knowledge is Power: 203 pages of #GimmeMyCivilRights

Social workers argued they had The Right to Lie and Manufacture Evidence to steal kids. Hey, it’s America: Hardwick v. Vreecken

Civil Rights Claim against #PedoGate (California of course): Allison v. Contra Costa, CA State and CA Judicial Council

How to Sue the United States: Comparing 42 USC 1983 and Tort Claims Acts

Not American and got Screwed with a Hague case in the USA?: We have the ALIEN Tort Special on the menu, how ’bout them apples?

How to Sue an Attorney who messed with you: Aiding, Abetting and Conspiring Tort

Nuts and Bolts of a Civil Rights Claim: Shawn McMillan knows how to pack a PUNCH

245 pages on what Judges think of Pro Se Mommas: blah blah blah

Constitutional Right to be a Mommy: Get your PITCH FORKS and fight back!

Got a bad case of Maternal Deprivation?: Flip The Script

Financially destroyed in Family Court?: Fight in Federal Court. It’s FREE

Federal Court let you down?: APPEAL corruption to the top

Gag orders are UNCONSTITUTIONAL: You were saying?

Pesky in-laws trying to steal your kids?: File the TERMINATOR!

more coming soon